Boys, Boys, and more Boys

Hey ya’ll this is Macey!!! Soooo I’ve liked this guy (we are going to call him Jacob even though it isn’t his real name) and I thought he liked me, but i’m not so sure anymore… Recently my friend (We are going to call her Mia even though that isn’t her real name) keeps telling me that she texts him every night. I was a little upset because I never touched her crush. (we are going to call him Liam even though it isn’t his real name) I was so upset because she KNOWS I like him. Mia and Jacob wanted to play squash with me, 1 other girl, and 2 other boys, so we met up at our country club. When we were about to play matches, she yelled, “JACOB! C’mon. Lets play.” He rolled his eyes and went over, and I was really really upset.They played the whole time. My friend amelia says to give it time, but i don’t know. I don’t know if I should move on or hold on… Do ya’ll have any advice??? Thanks!!!

xoxo, Macey



  1. Hey Macie, Grace here. I would say that depending on how close this friend of yours is, she may or may not actually be moving in on him. If she is a true friend, maybe she would be willing to discuss it with you, but I would do it discreetly and casually, maybe in the form of a joke like ‘Hey, you’re not trying to steal him from me are you?’ From what it sounds like, if he rolled his eyes when she told him to play with her, I think that it looks like he would much rather be with you. Hold on, if he knows what is good for him, he will stick with you. Keep holding on babe, and if she does steal him, his loss of a great girl and her loss of a friend. There’s someone for you!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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