Katy Perry Mermaid Makeup!!💄

Katy Perry has recently released a new makeup collection with Covergirl inspired by mermaids. With 10 limited edition makeup pieces, you better rush in to your local Walgreens or CVS to get your hands on this. She has another collection, The Katy Perry Makeup that is also sold by Covergirl. There are 4 shimmery lipsticks, 2 eyeliners, and 2 bronzer/ eyeshadow/ blushes. They all retail for $7.99 each. Here are the names:


Purty in Pink- $7.99, Blue-Tiful-$7.99,  Apricat-$7.99,  Reddy to Pounce- $7.99


Kitty Wishpurr- $7.99, Purrmaid- $7.99

Bronzer/ Shadows/Blush:

Tigers Eye- $7.99, Tiger Rose- $7.99

xoxo, Macey and Holly💕



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