Follow up on Jacob…

Hey ya’ll. Macey here. I wanted to give you guys the follow up on Jacob… We had cotillion over the weekend, and at the after party I had PLANNED to hang out with my friend group, and his friend group. (We go together, and we go to an all girls school, and they go to an all boys school.) BUT! When I asked Mia if they were going to hang out with them, she said no. About 1 minute after I left, they are all together. I was so mad at her. After I saw them doing that, I went into my bubble of protection. (sadness state) I hung out with Sasha (not using real names) and Holly. Half way into the party, Mia and Liam were taking pictures together. And ALL of the group was watching them. I almost went over to her and gave her a piece of my mind, but instead I did something I wouldn’t normally do to a friend, and I shot her the meanest, most terrible glare I had ever given anyone. Sadly she didn’t see it. She was caught up in her own world where the worst thing is Liam not liking her. When it was time to go, she and I were the only two people in the car. The others went in the other car. She asked me what’s wrong, and you  have no idea how hard it was for me to say, “Nothing.” Abigail then told me she was so upset, because Mia was treating Liam like an item that belonged to her. Later that night she facetimed me and said “Why were you talking to Abigail (not real name)  about Liam???” I explained to her that she was upset about the picture they had taken. She said it was not big deal even though she rubbed it in everyone’s face. I tried so hard to keep myself from bursting out in rage about how mean she was about the whole thing, and how bad she made so many people feel.  I cried my eyes out that night. I don’t know what to do! She just keeps bringing everyone down.





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